Web Design

Websites are a great and affordable method of attracting attention to your business. If you need a simple or a custom HTML website with dynamic functionality, we're here to assist you. Our packages will suit your needs and will adjust to your budget.

Include: Attractive content area design; 5-7 pages of content (additional pages added for an extra fee); Domain & hosting SET-UP and social media integration. *Domain & hosting prices are not included in the prices.

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Micro Site

These serve a specific purpose such as promoting something specialized for your customers, new merchandise, clearance items or simply show your products. Also, it gives you the opportunity to present something completely different to the main website. It provides a functional, informative and stylish way that helps promote your business.

Includes: Attractive content area design; 1-3 flash animated website design (additional pages added for an extra fee); Domain & hosting SET-UP and social media integration. *Domain & hosting prices are not included in the price.

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Web Banner

A form of advertising in the internet which attracts traffic to a website by linking it to the advertisers' website. Web Banner may vary depending upon the specific needs.

We offer: Standard Static Web Banner (.gif, .jpg, .png), has no animation, single frame graphic. Standard Animated Web Banner (.gif), displays static frames one after another simulating animation. And Standard Flash Web Banner (.swf, .fla), is a true banner animation with movie quality results.

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E-mail Marketing

A form of direct marketing to a potential or current customer that uses electronic mail. You can reach hundreds of potential customers directly at a lower cost when compared to other forms of advertisement. It’s a vital component for your business, especially if you want to create a strong bond with your customers.

This includes: Personalization for each e-mail, web links to products on your website, your chosen web links, social media buttons and support with ideas for effective E-mail Marketing.

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Landing Page

A web page that a user can arrive at or “land” on. It guides your customers towards your intended goal. There are two types of pages, the one that used to persuade the customer to click through to another page or to make the user close to a purchasing decision.

The other, is used to get customer data, such as a name, gender, age and e-mail address. Its purpose is to collect information that will provide you important data that will enable to create a market campaign and connect with the desired customers.

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Social Media

Social networking has become a place where people gather, interact and share ideas. It can turn your website into a center of activity that can lead to business increase. We can assist in posting on your behalf creating remarkable graphics that portrays your business personality or simply basic maintenance.

This includes attractive eye-catching content on your cover and profile picture. Also, we can promote your products or services with the creation of specific target content.

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